World Peace Center

"May Peace Prevail on Earth"

World Peace Center USA

World Peace Center first established its US presence overseas in 2000 and in the US, in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2004. The infamous "Sin City," provided an abundance of situations towards which a developing nonprofit could apply itself.  Attracting close to 40 million visitors a year to it's world-renown hotels and casinos, Las Vegas' sunny desert weather, employment-friendly job market and absence of State income tax contribute to its decade-long rating as the #1 fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States.

Only steps away from the glitz and glamour of Freemont Street and the Las Vegas Strip, however, lies an aspect of the city that is anything but attractive. Enticed by the lure of neon lights and the illusion of instant jackpots, the destitute flock to Las Vegas.

At the same time, an increasing number of senior citizens from all over the country are choosing to move to Las Vegas to stretch their retirement dollars.  Amidst a jungle of advertisements for everything from loans to plastic surgery to "Hot and Sexy Playmates," an increasing number of elderly find themselves living out the remainder of their lives in Las Vegas and facing the challenges of aging and illness that accompany the process.

Indeed the widespread impression of a free lunch in this city that never sleeps often comes accompanied with a whopping price tag.  Vulnerable participants in some of the activities that Las Vegas offers -- be they at clinics, casinos, nightclubs or nursing homes -- can find themselves wondering how everything happened so quickly, and what they did wrong.

World Peace Center volunteers remain available from coast to coast and in Hawaii 24/7.  As members of a national network of over 70,000 nonprofit organizations, we assist the ailing, comfort the elderly, provide advocacy to the needy, and help educate people of all ages and cultures away from crime, addiction and prostitution.  If you are interested in joining our volunteer services, or if you would like to comment on any of the above-referenced material, please contact: [email protected]