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Shipping Guidelines

In readying used computer equipment for transport, we ask you to keep in mind that shipping carriers are rarely gentle with packages.  In preparedness, it is wise to pack laptops securely with bubble wrap folded all the way around, stuffing extra bubble wrap or crumpled paper along the sides of the box to protect the corners. Please also be careful to pack accessories, including the cord and power charger UNDERNEATH or to the sides of the laptop and never on top of the delicate screen.
Please pack all items extremely well and consider the following guidelines:

1. Where donating a laptop with a pre-installed operating system, please consider that the license is only valid when used on the original OEM machine, on which it was first installed. Keeping the machine and operating system together will substantial a legal transfer and will be most helpful. Providing us with he original disks, media, and documentation that came with the machine when it was purchased and/or upgraded. helps to facilitate a legal transfer of the operating system.

2. Please also do your best to furnish us with as much software as possible that goes with the laptop. Each model computer runs best with its own model software. Thus, we would appreciate that you provide us the media (the CD or disks), and the manual that usually contains the Certificate of Authenticity. Original software disks also usually have device drivers necessary to make the computer run properly and the operating and technical manuals needed for fixing the machine.

3. Please remember too the accessories and, if you can, include the all manuals, CDs, booklets, AC adapter, packaged software, or any other accessories that came with the computer. We can put it all to good use.

4. For price and convenience, we highly recommend using USPS Priority Mail Flat-Rate shipping. A USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat-Rate Box measures 13-5/8" x 11-7/8" x 3-3/8", fits most laptops perfectly, and ships with tracking info via Priority Mail, between any two US locations (including Alaska and Hawaii) for $12.35. The USPS Priority Mail Large Flat-Rate Board Game Box measures 23-11/16" x 11-3/4" x 3", can fit as many as two laptops, and ships with tracking info via Priority Mail between any US two locations (including Alaska and Hawaii) for $16.85.

5. Quick Tips for Packing Used Computer Equipment for Transit:

•  Pack items extremely well.
•  Bubble wrap is your friend; Styrofoam is not.
•  Tape the box securely and thoroughly.
•  Choose your shipper carefully.

If you would be kind enough to drop us an "e" as soon as you have your donation equipment boxed and shipped, it will give us a chance to estimate the delivery date. Please also email us at [email protected] or telephone us 808-323-3238 if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks from the bottoms of our hearts for the kindness of your gift.   We look forward to completing the next step of this cycle with you shortly.