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Laptops of Love

Every year, US consumers purchase over 4 million new computers, yet many people are still uncertain how to donate their older model equipment to a worthy cause.  As a result, many perfectly good, reusable machines are stockpiled in closets, garages and storerooms, collecting dust and becoming obsolete.

World Peace Center established Laptops of Love as a venue for acquiring and redistributing older model, working laptops no longer being used by businesses and individuals who are upgrading to newer technology.  We receive reusable equipment through several different venues, refurbish as much as we can, and both use such equipment for our own administrative purposes as well as distribute older model, working units to people and organizations in need.

Many of the situations in which World Peace Center volunteers find themselves are fraught with inconvenience.  As we move from one location to the next, we generally work out of backbacks and the trunks of cars and vans.  In developing third worlds nations, we live and work alongside other volunteers and charitable organizations under lean-to shelters and in temporary structures that are constructed of scavenged and natural materials.

Although some of these primitive structures have been in use for decades, they are makeshift at best.  Made of bamboo wood frames and siding with eucalyptus wood poles for support, most are typically huts with teak leaf, wood-thatched roofs.  The only electricity in many of these situations is produced by generators and, as such, is unstable.  There are usually no phones, televisions or Internet; sometimes even water for washing and sanitation has to be pumped in or carried in on a daily basis. Desktop computers, along with being heavy, bulky and impractical to transport, tend to be short lived in these remote areas.  Laptops are not only easier to carry in backpacks; they also prove to survive more efficiently in these underdeveloped, less-than-ideal conditions.

Reuse vs. Recycle

For the health and well-being of future generations, the harmful materials involved in the reuse, disposal and recycling of used computer equipment must always be considered. Where a single computer can contain up to 5 pounds (approx. 2kg) of lead, mercury and beryllium, these damaging toxins need to be kept from ending up in landfills and contaminating our air and water.  Industry recyclers like to suggest that used computers are more trouble than they're worth to donate to charity.  They are infamous for advising that all electronic equipment be crushed and recycled for its raw materials.  

In our experience, WPC volunteers and the people we assist can get years of useful life out of older, reusable machines that might otherwise "go to waste." Therefore, as new technology replaces old, we urge peope to realize that their older model laptops and electronics can be easily donated for reuse to benefit our nonprofit efforts.

To a developing nonprofit like World Peace Center, reusable working laptops are vital to our purposes. Rather than give away a used laptop to a recycler who is apt to only strip it into pieces for scrap, most people would prefer to donate their reuseable equipment to a cause they can identify with. Making an in-kind donation of a working computer or laptop opens an easy and fairly effortless opportunity for our many blessed donors to give back to others who are less fortunate.

Minimum Specifications

Laptops of Love offers a viable way of making a meaningful contribution in which your old laptop will be used as a Godsend.  In conjunction with our various outreach services, we get repeated requests for and can put to immediate good use any and all working PDA's, cellphones and Pentium IV (1.3 GHz) and above laptops.  When you donate your used computers, notebooks, hand-helds, power adapters and peripherals (i.e., external drives, CD drives, etc.) to World Peace Center, you not only help ease the toxic overload on local landfills; you also help make a significant difference in the lives of people in need.

Receipt Process and Fair Market Value

As part of the donation process, World Peace Center promptly sends you a printer-friendly thank you receipt as a Word.doc attachment, which you can then print out in hard copy and retain for your receords.  Rather than assign a value to donated items, the letter will describe the donation in detail, say how much it is helping our efforts, and leave the determination of fair market value to you, the donor. 

Since the market value of computer equipment falls rapidly, it is wise to donate early and to document the value of the donation at that time of giving. The fair market value of a used item is equivalent to the price a "willing buyer" would pay to a "willing seller."  Often the best way to determine that amount is to research "for sale" ads either online or in the newspaper. A free, used laptop estimator is also available on the Internet at For information on the tax effects of giving, we recommend consulting with a tax adviser.

Erasure & Security of Data

Although it is adviseable to clear all personal data from your computer before donating it, WPC also immediately deletes any and all personal information stored on the hard drive(s) we receive.  This approach secures the privacy of your data, preventing the possibility of its being accessed inadvertently.  We then assign the machine to a single volunteer, who uses it to organize local projects and, when appropriate, hand carries it to a Third World country where other under-supplied volunteers have access to it.  At that point, another volunteer may take custody of it or may pass it along to clergy, nurses, teachers or schoolchildren in need.  We also provide reusable laptops and computer equipment directly to several schools in Haiti and to the "Computer for Kids" program in Sarasota, Florida.

Shipping Costs

World Peace Center and Laptops of Love rely solely on recycled laptops from people like you for all the laptops and computer equipment we use.  In and around Sarasota and Manatee Counties, Florida, we are available to pick up and accept deliveries.  From elsewhere within the contiguous United States, when newer model Powerbooks G4, iBooks G4 and Pentium IV+ notebooks are delivered and arrive in excellent mechanical condition, we are available on a case-by-case basis to reimburse USPS Priority Mail Flat-Rate shipping. A USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat-Rate Box, like the one in the image to the left, measures 13-5/8" x 11-7/8" x 3-3/8", fits most laptops perfectly, and ships with tracking info via Priority Mail, between any two locations in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii, for $12.35. The USPS Priority Mail Large Flat-Rate Board Game Box measures 23-11/16" x 11-3/4" x 3", often fits as many as two laptops, and ships with tracking info via Priority Mail between any two locations in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii, for $16.85. Otherwise, in most instances, we request that all in-kind donations include the cost of delivery.

Please tell your friends and family about World Peace Center, about Laptops of Love and about the environmental hazards of indiscriminately disposing old computers.  Reusable equipment in good working order serves a vital need for our many volunteers and the people they serve.  

For tips on how to safely pack and prepare a used laptop for shipping, please see the Shipping Guidelines link above.  If you have additional questions or concerns, we invite you to telephone us at 941-359-9222 or to email us at [email protected]  In all email correspondence, please include a complete and accurate description of the reusable, working laptop you wish to donate.  A World Peace Center volunteer will get back to you promptly.

Thanks in advance for your interest and support.